It pays to be a
nerd that talks good!

🤓 Have the solution but can’t explain its value to your buyers?

😵‍💫 Is your messaging all over the place, overwhelming your audience?

😶 Feel like you look and sound just like everyone else?

You might be tempted to work with a marketing agency to help.

You’d be making a mistake—until you have your market message nailed.

Talk tech, without dumbing it down.

Branding • Marketing • Sales • Employee Engagement • Public Relations • Product Marketing



Engaging for tech-minded teams without any marketing experience (but also great for agencies!)

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Time and Money

Bring your message to market faster, with fewer re-dos

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Years Experience

Guided by decades of proven comms and marketing expertise

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Weeks to Results

Start speaking with one voice in under a month

Designed to help you get noticed, get remembered, and get results.

MessageSpecs’ process is designed to help you develop the right words to sell complex technical solutions through human-centric stories and playbooks that meet audiences where they are.

  • Loved by nerds and non-technical teams alike
  • Avoids overwhelming audiences but retains important details
  • Supports multi-channel marketing
  • Saves time and money by getting teams on the same page

Work well
with others.

MessageSpecs is designed to enhance the messaging of in-house and external teams, to help everyone stay on the same page and perform with one focus.

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For Startups

Get your messaging right and nail quick wins

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For Bigger Companies

Unify messaging across your internal teams

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For Agencies

Get projects rolling faster and ensure consistency

What people say about Joel

A smiling young man

“It seemed like every 2 minutes you were dropping an “aha” moment into my hands when we last spoke. 🙌🏾”

Zach Roberts, Founder
Tasha Cornish, Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) Executive Director

“Many people claim to describe the complicated and technical simply. Joel is one of the rare professionals who can deliver on this promise. He synthesized ideas from many enthusiastic, over-caffeinated cyber marketing professionals, and birthed the More to MD Cyber Than You Think campaign to highlight the strength and diversity of the cybersecurity ecosystem in Maryland.

Like a ninja, Joel quickly identified the CAMI voice and brand personality and produced shorts that integrated perfectly with our identity: collaborative, forward-thinking, and a bit playful (who says cybersecurity can’t be fun?!).”

Tasha Cornish, Executive Director
a smiling gentleman with killer hair

EVERYONE should take advantage of this. Your stuff is killer, dude.”

Zach Messler, Product Marketing Advisor and Mentor
A smiling man in glasses

“Because of Joel’s experience on both sides of the equation, he really is an advocate for the vendor and the buyer. And that is why I think his approach is so powerful.“

Carlos Guerrero, Senior Compliance Executive
Tasha Cornish, Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) Executive Director

“In our experience, cybersecurity companies can really struggle to communicate their mission and value proposition to various stakeholders, including investors and customers. It’s a huge pain point for our members.

When it came to creating an event around this topic, Joel was my first call. Again, he executed a very on-brand, high-quality product for our organization, from event ideation to follow-up call-to-actions.”

Tasha Cornish, Executive Director

Joel was great from the start— as an engineer, I wanted straight facts with no fluff and he worked with me. He had a unique gift to be able to draw out big broad strokes and ideas from minds that are very techie and detailed. Such a necessary task to gain focus for a small team or organization and well worth an investment for the future. Joel was great and easy to work with as well. Highly recommend!!”

Undisclosed Engineering Client

There’s plenty more where these came from. See more here.

Simple Scoping for Every Budget

MessageSpec engagements are scoped by how much “message therapy” is needed to get you to your goal. No matter where you’re starting, start delivering on-target, effective messaging quicker than you might expect.


Sometimes, you’re too close to the trunks to know you’re in an elephant herd and not a forest.

Take a step back and let us identify opportunities to message better.


The MessageDeck method builds scalable messaging frameworks that are agency-ready.

Or equip your internal team with the tools to execute consistent marketing and branding activities.


Think of this as Specs-as-a-Service.

You’ll have access to industry-veteran messaging and content — from sales assets, to engagement campaigns, to product gamification.


Need to improve your personal delivery of technical material or establish thought leadership?

MessageMentor is intimate, one-on-one executive, or technical coaching.

Ready for open minds instead of blank stares?

There has never been a better time than right now.